Outdoor rock climbing near Victoria, BC

These are some of the most popular crags for outdoor rock climbing near Victoria, BC. There are tons more places to discover, but this list should get beginner/intermediate climbers started on their rock climbing adventures near Vancouver Island. 1) An evening after work Flemming Beach Known for: Top rope (easily accessible anchors); Bouldering (long traverses) Location: 10 minutes – Macaulay Point Park (Esquimalt) Guidebook: Climber’s Guide Vancouver Island South (MEC) Heading to Flemming Beach with your first rope is a right of passage for new  climbers. When you only have…

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Mt. Elma with snow

I signed up for another Alpine Club trip, this one leaving from Mt. Washington at 8am. But after my snowless Christmas on the east coast, I was determined to visit winter here at home, logistics be damned. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage the 3 hour drive on winter roads with my junky old car. And I always have trouble sleeping the night before trips. I always FEEL pretty good, so I’m not sure what that is about. Excitement? Nerves? Luckily carpool magic happened and I only…

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A soggy introduction to the Kludahk Trail

With 46mm of rain & a wind warning forecasted for the day, five intrepid  Alpine Club of Canada members headed out for a hike on the Kludahk Trail. Luckily the wind left us alone, but the rain … It felt pretty much like we were in a shower all day long. A very cold shower. I didn’t really mind so much, as there was SNOW! A very small amount, but still … it was very exciting to see snow just 90 minutes outside of Victoria.…

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